They Don’t Understand Technology

Let me first share a link to a story about Donna Brazile and how she suggested that emails that she sent were altered (here).  I absolutely love this, not because she is a democrat.  I would love it if she was a republican just as much.  I love this because it is representative of a group of people who were “brought online” well after they had already reached adulthood.  They absolutely do not understand technology…

Obviously that is not entirely true, there are people who grew up before the technology explosion that can and do understand that world, or at least get along within it.  More and more, however, these aging career politicians are finding themselves caught (in Donna Brazile’s case, caught in a lie) because of their lack of understanding of how technology works. That lack of knowledge will eventually lead to them being seen as antiquated relics of the past.

I’m not suggesting that every millennial knows what DKIM is all about, or that the “hacks” into the democratic emails were anything but the most basic of phishing operations and didn’t need to be perpetrated by any nation state (let alone Russia).  But this generation and generation Z following it absolutely know that there are people who are savvy enough to determine whether an email was tampered with.  None of them would make the mistake of declaring BOLDLY that they never wrote that email with the notable exception of pathological liars.  (I’m not suggesting that the career politicians AREN’T pathological liars and I know that undermines my thesis).

So we have a generation who believes in technology to a degree that borders on magic/fantasy.  Watch the “zoom” and “focus” action on a street camera’s footage in a CSI episode and compare it with the reality of the grainy images you see in the “have you seen this man” shots…  This generation has a firm belief and an underlying faith in technology that the older career politicians can’t grasp.  The more those politicians use that technology to do their business, the more they will get caught in the work that they actually do.  That work is not always nefarious, but corruption is a part of the state, ANY state.

This is expressing itself in Hillary’s email server, WikiLeaks having access to emails gained through a standard phishing attack (I know that’s not been proven, but it’s the easiest and most reliable weapon in the arsenal of modern hackers) and a meme that Trump is trying to start, the election is rigged.  You can watch videos of voting machines changing votes (here and here for two examples).  The concept of hacking into these voting machines that are connected to the internet is not farfetched to the younger generations either.  These things allow Trump’s “rigged election” to have more meaning to the young generation than to the older ones.  Add to that the firing of Debbie the DNC chairwoman for “rigging” the primaries against Bernie and an accusation of “rigged election” has legs.

It won’t stop here either.  Actual journalists (not the ones paid by pharmaceutical companies) will be uncovering more and more electronic “dirt” on these politicians who believe that the technological curtains they hide behind are safe.  They aren’t.  The younger generations know this.  We should be grateful for this gap so that we can watch a new generation expose the politicians and statists for what they really are.  I for one am grabbing my popcorn and am going to enjoy (and report) on the show as it unfolds.  Here’s to more denials that can be proven false by having an understanding of how technology actually works.