Too much! The Importance of Focus.

I am excited. I mean, really excited… I stayed up in bed last night thinking about different podcast ideas, book ideas, alternative blogs, etc. I didn’t realize how many things I want to eventually share. But there’s the rub (read, or watch, Hamlet again if you don’t get that reference…), I have too much that I want to accomplish. - Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices

I say that partly in jest.  I fully plan on accomplishing every one of the ideas I dreamt up and any others I dream up along the way.  But I don’t have to accomplish them ALL right now or even at the same time…  I have three book ideas (One is very close to the final push for publishing), and they will all get published, but only one book at a time.  I’ve gone down the multitasking  road before.  I believe that I’m better at it than most, but no matter what effort I put into  doing multiple things at a time, unless I have distinct separation, the results are…  mediocre.

Not starting my cookbook idea until after my flag football book is complete drives me insane.  I’m EXCITED about the cookbook idea.  The flag football book is 90% done.  That means I’ve been working on it a lot and although I’m excited about it, that cookbook is much more interesting to me at this moment.

If I were to start working on the Cookbook project, I absolutely know that the other projects would take a backseat…  That’s a good thing in terms of following my energy and passion, but it’s horrible in terms of completion.  So what’s my purpose?

What’s YOUR purpose?

Is it to follow your energy and passion?  Have at it, float like a kite in the wind…  Cut your string and let the winds of your passions take you wherever they lead.  That honestly appeals to my creative side.  It’s also how I’ve handled most creative projects that didn’t have an end goal…

But that’s not my purpose anymore

My purpose now is to have results…  to have books published, not several being written.  My purpose is to START a podcast, a blog, an online shop.  To have a library of books that I’m ACTUALLY selling.  And to maintain those things…

This is why I’m focusing on maintaining this blog three days out of the week…  It’s why I’m investing time into researching what it takes to create a podcast.  It’s why I’ll focus on finalizing the flag football book and getting it published prior to working on the next book.

This is also why I have a pen and paper on my nightstand.  I need a list to check off completions for these project ideas that I keep thinking up, so that I can focus on the one I’m working on right NOW.

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