Knowledge and Interests

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, the internet is full of research oportunities.  It wasn’t hard to find many “How to podcast” websites…  However, filtering the trash from the gems is difficult at times.  Having worked in IT since the 90’s and watched companies like Google recreate how we find items in the digital world, I’ve learned to filter through and identify some of the obvious trash.  But even when you find a gem, like John Dumas’ EOfire podcast training  course, there will still be a few imperfections under the surface.  To me, these imperfections are obvious, but I can’t deny how effective they are.  I’ll have to learn how to use these tools that I find annoyingly obvious if I’m going to be successful with my goals.

One of the gems inside Mr. Dumas’ training was to define your interests on one side of a page and the things that you and your friends and family think you are good/an expert at on the other.  The result could lead you to identify content that you might be interested in podcasting about.  I think this is a great idea, and not one specific to podcasting.  It’s also a useful tool in identifying areas of your life where you need to focus on and areas where you might want to.  Here is a start to my list (I absolutely think this is a constantly growing and changing list on both sides).  I’m also hopeful that you can help me (those of you who know me) with things that you think I have forgotten.  What have you seen me be interested in, what do you think I’m knowledgeable about or a field that I’m an expert?  Leave your suggestions in the comments, please.  The list is not in any order and not exhaustive…

Knowledgable:                                                                    Interested/passionate about:

Exchange/SMTP/IT                                                              Gaming

Cloud/Office 365                                                                  Playing/interacting with kids

Coaching                                                                               Researching/internet

TCP/IP                                                                                    Liberty/Libertarianism

DNS/AD                                                                                 Coaching

Cooking                                                                                 Cooking

Strategy                                                                                 Writing

Mentoring                                                                             Talking/Mentoring

Trump Covfefe tempreature changing coffee mug.


So there are several things that I’m passionate about and knowledgeable about and it’s those things that I’m trying to key in on for Podcast content ideas.  Which is where the Single Man’s Cooking podcast came from.  I love cooking and am knowledgeable about it and  I love teaching/Coaching and am knowledgeable about it.  Seems a no brainer…  There are several other podcast ideas that I gathered out of this list.  For example, there will more than likely be a “real world IT” podcast for recent college graduates to get a sense of what to expect in corporate IT workspaces.  Baby steps initially, however.  Right now, I’ve got a plan, a date, and an idea of where I’m heading.

Please send comments, especially if you think I need to add to my list (those of you who know me well or even those of you who are my online “e-friends”).

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