It might not be what you expect, but when does life always go your way?  I have been writing this blog for several reasons.  Quite honestly, too many.  I am not even sure I can label all of the reasons why I started to commit myself to writing here three times a week, and I’m not going to try.  There’s no reason to because the more I write in here the more I realize that most of the reasons aren’t legitimate.  There are only a small subset that matter.

I’m writing this to improve my writing.  Back in the day, I wrote constantly.  In college I had a notebook in my back pocket and a pen with me at all times.  I would write while I waited in lines.  I had completely lost track of that and this three times a week blog has rekindled a little of that.

I have felt guilty for the past decade or two when I spent time on something that didn’t involve my wife or sons and engaging with them.

Don’t make me out to be a saint here…  I spent plenty of time on video games.  But if I wasn’t coaching, or cooking, or being directly involved in supporting the family, I typically didn’t do it.  Even the video gaming initially was to become more socially connected with people I work with.

So writing fell to the wayside.  It meant that I would have to step away from the intteractions with the family and it wouldn’t be adding to the money intake.  So, I stopped.  And nobody made me, nor was it a conscious decision (other than wanting to devote time to my wife and sons.  NOR DO I REGRET IT!  You might not have expected that bit after the pity party I just threw!

I wouldn’t change anything about the last 2 decades of my life.  I’ve spent them with the woman I love and my best friend, my two boys, my extended family, and all the friends I’ve met along the way.  I wouldn’t change a thing about that.

But, I stopped writing and I’ve realized that I miss it.  I also realize that me spending some time on things away from my responsibilities to focus on things that make me…  whole…  matter.  Doing that makes me a better husband, a better father, a better friend.  At least I hope it does because that’s what I’ve been doing with this blog and I have enjoyed it.

So this blog is transforming.  It’s my writing outlet.  Not enough people read it to make a bold statement, but I will tell you that you shouldn’t expect a specific topic to be focused on here.  If there are websites that need to be created for cookbooks or what not, I’ll link to them and write about those things there.  And as I do that and those demand more time, I might dwindle down the amount of entries here.  But we’re not there yet and I’m still getting my fix…

For those few who have been reading, I applaud you.  I welcome your comments.  I expect that you will be happy with some of the changes that will be coming here.  I expect to really enjoy them myself as well…


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