Game Night

I don’t want to spread myself too thin.  I understand that I’m taking on a lot of projects right now and some of them may not work out.  I’m fine with those failures (as I’ve said in a previous blog post) and won’t let them stop me.

But as thin as I spread myself at work and home, I don’t spread myself so thin that I neglect my family nor my friends.  The family gets the lion share of my time.  Rightly so, I mean I live with these guys, they can’t escape me.  The friends, I am lucky, are for the most part the people I work with.  Even those that have moved to different companies, different internal jobs, etc.  We still keep in touch.  And that’s a thing to marvel at seeing as I work from home and not a single one of them lives in the same city as I do (well maybe a few live here).

I have friends from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Aurora, Illinois, Portland, Maine, and others in various spots around the country.  And these are friends that I hang out with weekly outside of work.

All thanks to the internet and console gaming.  One night out of the week I take a night where I sit down in front of the Xbox and get on party chats with my buddies while we play games.  We have been known to discuss work, but we talk politics, family happenings and just general guy things.  My wife accepts the fact that I get some guy time with my buddies (and secretly is happy that I’m 1. in the same house as her while I’m doing it and 2. doesn’t have me discussing the finer points of her Lifetime movies that she can watch by herself).

Just once a week, but I’ve developed some crazy good friendships over that time.  My longest friend (outside of my wife) is starting a podcast with me…  As much as I love my hectic schedule, I love the breaks as well…  Now, I’ve got to go, because…  It’s game night!


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