First Podcast Recorded

It’s funny that recording the first podcast was as easy as it was…  It’s NOT funny how much work it’s going to take to make it sound even remotely professional.

That said, it was also fun to sit down and talk food with Bob.  To learn that his kid’s hate ketchup and to realize that when you’ve known someone for so long and talk to them daily that having a good conversation is easy to do.

It wasn’t without it’s hiccups.  We had a dropped call, halfway through, part of the recording had video, part of it didn’t, but I fixed all of that.  The microphone needed two other pieces of equipment to work correctly (taken care of) and I’m not happy with the video quality…  The important thing is that we did it.

And of course then Bob leaves for vacation, so I have to get a guest host for Episode #2.  I’ve already gotten a friend who I’ve known almost as long to volunteer to replace my “permanent guest” so I’m not too concerned…

I might not make my July deadline, but it was a deadline that I pulled not only out of thin air but also with no true knowledge of how much work would be involved.  I’m excited about getting the blog started for the podcast, as well as the patreon page  I’ll probably be spending more time on those two blogs than on this one for the near term.

But I won’t be neglecting this.  This is my outlet, don’t forget.


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