Intros and Outros

I love Audacity…  I didn’t think I would.  Editing the intro and outro for my podcast was actually quite fun.  Learning Autoduck and grabbing public domain music that suits my style were both…  fulfilling.

I know that I shouldn’t be excited nor surprised by this, I absolutely love to learn.  I’m learning podcasting, blogging, patreon, hosting, and marketing.  All while I’m learning DMARC, DKIM, Cloud SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and DaaS.  the only thing I would want to add is the time to sit down and have a good read.

There are several books I’ve been holding off on starting because I’ve got so much to learn.  That’s all going to change today though as I start on a week long vacation and will be able to step away from some of my responsibilities and plan to focus on things like catching up on some reading and doing some drawing and writing and playing with my son and apparently putt-putt and kayaking and tennis…

Come to think of it, I might not have enough time to read those books…  Thankfully, I finished the Podcast’s intro and outro already…  Sadly, I think the intro and outro are much better quality than what I recorded for Episode 1…

In other words, the books are outshined by the bookends.

So the dilemma now is whether I create a new episode 1 or create an episode 2 and never have an episode 1.  The latter would give me the ability to have a mystery surrounding the podcast…  “Why was there no Episode 1?”  “Was there an Episode 1 once and it disappeared?”  See… mystery…

Since I haven’t fully produced any podcast episodes yet, I’ll take the first complete one as Episode One and we’ll go from there…  I’d rather the books have more value than the bookends.


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