Why I Fail (and why it’s alright)

Vacations, I tell you what!  They have a way of making me want to retire early and also interfere with my schedules.  Yes, the podcast and other personal goals I’ve had were delayed.  Yes, I’ve missed the dates I was trying to hit.  And yes, it will take a bit for my momentum to get rolling again and edit and produce what I have.

But it was worth it.  Watching my son gain confidence in his swimming ability, watching him get closer to both me and his Mom, and bonding with him in a way that will last much longer than just two weeks in a summer… I could never put a price on that.  Failing to meet some arbitrary personal goals I set for myself though is a cheap cost.  I love my liberty, I love the freedoms that I have, and I LOVE the fact that they give me free reign to be with and develop my family.

So, sure, the podcast isn’t here yet.  I’ll get re-motivated and get it out and it will be better than if I hurried it through.  Knowing my son and wife love me and each other (and that he can swim underwater now just as well as his Dad) makes it all alright.  Any personal goal time that I was going to spend this weekend will be pushed aside as well while I teach my oldest how to change the oil in his car.  That’ll be worth it too…


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