How can we monetize?

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I’m struggling with several things in my life.

From government programs taking away my son’s liberty, to how I’m going to spend my weekend (spoiler: I’m going to be working around the house).  What’s at the top of my struggles right now?  How to monetize an online presence…  I am hopeful that this blog will help me to advance in that direction for instance.  But hope, is not substantial…  My Grandmother had a phrase, “Want in one hand and spit in the other and see which one fills up faster.”  Same thing applies to hope.

So, what should I do outside of just hoping to monetize the blog and other online initiatives?  Currently, I’m looking into affiliate sales, podcasting (still working on how best to monetize that), utilizing this blog, andonline dropshipping sites.  There is nothing more liberating for a citizen than to become economically independent.  Capitalism is the golden bar for liberty.  Anybody who tells you otherwise is inexperienced or power hungry.

I’ll use this blog to document them and my successes and failures.  In the long run, even the documentation of them might serve to help with monetizing.  I’m going to improve my writing as I continue (feedback welcome) and the successes AND failures can find their way into a book.  Even a What NOT to do book would be helpful (actually that would be helpful to me right now).  I’m shooting for at least three posts a week on what I’ve been working on/researching.

I would appreciate your help with this as well…  Tell me what I’m doing wrong.  Sign up to follow this blog, comment, share.  I absolutely need to gather people who are interested in adding supplemental income and are also willing to follow and share their journeys with me.  When I am going down the wrong path, I would LOVE to hear WHY.

Share your stories with me…

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