Beginning Podcast Equipment

My goal is to monetize a podcast and a blog.  In order to achieve I’m going to have to invest in some equipment.  I’m also going to have to invest in some domain names and blog hosting other than this free wordpress, but that’s another post.  This wordpress blog will remain as a testament to what I’m trying to create, an opportunity for others to build upon, and potentially an e-book about my journey into podcasting…

First things first, a computer…  Done.  I’m using my existing laptop, although I could use almost anything to record, even tablets or phones.  I plan on editing the podcast audio with Audacity, a free audio editing program that I’ll be researching on how to use effectively.  You can find that here.  I’m using Pamela for Skype to record and will add a link to that soon (once I get my affiliate link…).  In the meantime, google or bing “pamela for skype.”

I plan to use notepadd ++ or some other basic electronic notepad, coupled with a mini legal pad and pen, to take show notes.  Notepad ++ will be for copying and pasting URLs and typing down the notes I’d like to share, while the legal pad will handle the time and recording notes that are temporary and I’ll only use for post editing.  Notes like the time stamp of when I went into a coughing fit, so I can cut it later with Audacity…

For audio, I have some good headsets with microphones that have pretty good audio quality.  My wife would potentially leave me if I bought any more of them, actually…  Apparently, I collect them with some unknown compulsive hoarder mentaility.  Some of these headsets would do well for podcasts, especially with types I’m planning to record.

Spoiler: these podcasts will not involve my singing voice…

However, those headset microphones, although they exhibit good sound, can still be outdone by an actual condenser microphone.  You can pay an unnecessarily large amount for these studio quality microphones. There are several, however, that are sub $50 and will elevate your audio quality from laptop microphone to high end podcast.  I chose this one for $25.99:

It’s pictured at the top of the page and I bought it for two reasons.

  1. The audio quality, that I mentioned.
  2. The professional look of the microphone itself.

I plan on having a video podcast as well as an audio podcast. Having an actual microphone with a boom arm will be much more professional than a headset and mic when it comes to the video.  Having good audio quality is much better for any potential future listeners regardless of the podcast format.  Here is the link to the boom arm:

Podcasts have become much more professional in the recent years with radio and TV personalities joining the ranks.  Even the government and PBS are trying their hands in the podcast pond.  I’m hopeful to compete with them eventually, but if I can be more professional on the cheap… all the better for me.


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